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I've been passionate about photography since 2010, and my love for the art form has only grown stronger over time. Although I grew up in a suburb of Metropolitan Boston before moving to Georgia in 2007, I've always been drawn to the beauty of natural landscapes. One place that holds a truly special place in my heart is Martha's Vineyard. As a child, I spent countless hours exploring the island and discovering its hidden treasures. Today, it's a place where I can fully express and develop my creativity through my photography. The island's rugged coastline, sweeping vistas, and vibrant colors provide endless inspiration for my work, and I feel privileged to share this special place with others through my photographs.

My photography is a reflection of my deep love for this island and its breathtaking beauty. I am particularly drawn to the interplay of light and color in the landscape, and I strive to capture these nuances in my work. My process involves a meticulous engagement with the subject matter, often spending hours outdoors observing the light and planning my shots before clicking the shutter. I am constantly exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of what I can express through my photography. Ultimately, my goal is to share the wonder and joy that I find on this island with others and to inspire them to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us.

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